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The great rescue

By Claire Lee

Saturday 10 September 2016

Curro Brackenfell has started an Eco Club, run by Ms Mcleary. There has always been a nest on the second floor, located on top of one of the lockers. On the 8th of September Ms Mcleary realised that the mother and father bird have left their two little baby birds starving and uncared for. So, Ms.Mcleary was generous enough to take them home with her to feed them and watch over them.

These two birds are now famous at Curro Brackenfell. We as a school have not decided on names for the both of them, but we will soon.

What they looked like on the day of the rescue:birds

Chess Tournament At Aristea Primary School !

chess-3By Leo MacKenzie

This article centres around the Chess Tournament at Aristea Primary School, which happened on the 10th of September. (Sorry the article could only come out now due to the fact that the Grade 6 writer had to study for a Math’s Test)

The Chess Tournament started at 09:00 on Saturday Morning. We had 5 Learners participating in the Chess Tournament.  Leo(Grade 6) Adam (Grade 5) Robyn (Grade 4) Ryan (Grade 3) and Chanjo (Grade 2).

It was a very long day and all 5 learners were getting tired and hot and their brains were extremely roasted. Still,they did their best with all 5 of them winning 3 out of 5 matches. They are pictured with Ms McLeary and Mrs Wheatley, two of their chess coaches.

A great time was had by all, and who knows what the future holds for these chess masters?!!!!!!.

Olympic Gold

Sensational teen Mahlangu wins silver as South Africa secures six medals at Paralympic Games