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Written by Andrea Jacobs and Jenna Rigby20161104_100557

During last week, as many may know, book week was organized by Teacher Bianca Moller.

Different days of the week had different events, such as Book sales, I love to read day, Drop and read day and Fashion show day. The most popular day was Fashion Show Day, where all students had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character.

All grades were asked to participate in all days of Book week. We have a few photos of a few classes that dressed up to give you as the audience an idea of what it looked like. Once again thank you to Teacher Bianca for her time and effort!

A special Thank You to all students that participated in Book Week. Congratulations to Ms. Rix for winning a prize along with the Gr  1E2 class winning best door!

A special Congratulations to all students and teachers that won prizes too! Well Done. Personally, I loved everyone’s costume.

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Kayamandi project

By Jenna Rigby

Curro Brackenfell would like to thank all the families for their generous donations towards the Kayamandi project .Your donations of food, cash, blankets and clothes have made a big difference in the lives of the families who had lost their homes in the recent fire that ravaged Kayamandi. The dog and cat food donations had also helped the animals who were left homeless after the fire.

We thank you again for your thoughtful support and for helping to show that Curro Brackenfell is a caring community.